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Different Perspectives: Civil Dialogue

What are the benefits of engaging in civil dialogue with people who see the world differently than we do? How do we approach conversations with those who don’t share our perspective in a respectful way? A study in 2018[1] found that 93 percent of Americans say they...

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Boomers Leading Change Selfie Contest for Volunteers

National Volunteer Week is right around the corner (April 7-13) and we can't wait to show off our amazing BLC volunteers and the work you do. This year - we are asking you to send a Service Selfie of you and your fellow BLC volunteers at your host site with a sign...

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Intergenerational Engagement: The New 21st Century Skill

Intergenerational engagement goes against the tide -- age silos are the norm in American culture and society. This is reinforced by consumer marketing – clothing, social services, entertainment products and venues, housing/living styles, and evermore so in identity...

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