ECE Volunteer Business Advisors

Early Childhood Education Volunteer Business Advisors 

Your experience helps their dreams come true.

Boomers Leading Change (BLC) is excited to announce its collaboration with key partners in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) field to help transform the early childhood workforce in Colorado.

Joining  with our partners – Denver Early Childhood Council, Denver Preschool Program and Mile High Early Learning, and metro Denver early childhood center programs – BLC is launching an innovative pilot project to test how skilled older adults can provide flexible support to address challenges confronting the ECE Workforce. Sign up to be an VBA here.

Who are ECE Volunteer Business Advisors?

EC Volunteer Business Advisors (VBA’s) could be you! They are retired business professionals who are interested in working with Early Childhood Center Directors and/or owners of home care sites.

What do ECE Volunteer Business Advisors do?

VBA’s offer assistance to early education centers in a variety of ways, with opportunities in:

– human resources
– legal
– finance
– construction
– strategic planning
– information technology
– business planning/modeling
– accounting
– …and more!

What’s the impact?
Your passion, your experience, and your skills as a business advisor enable EC Center staff to focus on what matters most– creating a safe, healthy, supportive environment for EC staff, the children & their families.

For healthy safety, all work will be conducted remotely. 

Additionally, BLC is working directly with community partners who need your help now. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the early childhood centers serving our children. The centers need volunteers who can assist with immediate needs from prepping workbook packets, delivering food and other non-contact activities. BLC is helping recruit 50+ volunteers to serve as Pamoja ECE Mentors who will support candidates in the Pamoja Early Childhood Education workforce program. These volunteers will provide one-on-one mentorship to candidates and assist their successful completion of the  ECE CDA program.

Get Involved Now

If you are interested in learning more about these new opportunities, simply fill out the form below. A BLC team member will contact you to share more information about the array of options for participating in this program.

Early Childhood Education Centers

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Running an Early Childhood Center means making an impact in the lives of children & families. But with a lack of ECE staff in the workforce, it can be hard to keep your center running, especially in the business and management realm. If you are interested in a Volunteer Business Advisor to help with the business side of running an early childhood center such as marketing, human resources, legal, strategic planning, grant writing, fundraising, accounting, and more), sign up below!