National Volunteer Week is right around the corner (April 7-13) and we can’t wait to show off our amazing BLC volunteers and the work you do.

This year – we are asking you to send a Service Selfie of you and your fellow BLC volunteers at your host site with a sign that says “I’m a Boomer Volunteer” or “I’m a Boomer AmeriCorps Member!”

Here’s how to submit your Service Selfie—3 simple steps:

1) Take a photo of you where you serve, or have someone else take it.

Tip: Pose in front of the organization’s sign.

2) Email the photo to: and include the 
following: Just a sentence or two describing who you are, 
where you serve, and what you do there.

3) Finally, include your mailing address because, (drum roll ) …

The first 30 volunteers who turn in their photo will get a $10 Target gift card from BLC! We want to show how proud we are of our volunteers – and how proud they are to be part of BOOMERS!

Look for all of our photos on our Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout the month of April to see other Boomers like you showing their BOOMER Pride.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be sharing your photos on social media and our website, so please be sure you are NOT including any clients or non-BLC folks in your picture or we will not be able to share.