So, knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self? Coming out of the Pandemic, it feels as though over a year’s worth of inner reflection at the hands of a shut-down society could really shed some light on this question for all of us.

When I had the chance to visit recently with the amazing Geetha Gangadharan, I posed this very question. She was very reflective on a life full of adventures with her response:

“Unless you try, you do not know what you are capable of.”


Flashback to a college-aged Geetha Gangadharan, moving with her new husband to New York City in 1973 from Madurai, India (the 2nd biggest city in Tamil Nadu, the southern part of India). It is no surprise that today, Geetha would tell her younger self to be brave and try new things. That leap of faith in 1973 was just the tip of the iceberg for trying new things, as Geetha and her accountant husband literally hopped into their car and landed in Denver just two years later in 1975, taking to the wide open road in the truest sense.

Upon landing in Denver, Geetha immediately went on to finish her coursework in library sciences at the University of Denver, though her career path veered in a new direction while working at a business library. She showed bravery– yet again– by jumping boldly into the healthcare business, specifically into legislative analysis and project management arenas. She credits the impact of an amazing mentor for her ability to learn a brand new industry and survive in the field, surmising that it takes someone who believes in you to excel.

And excel, she did, with a 30+ year career in healthcare.

Geetha had been getting acquainted with retirement when the Pandemic hit. Challenging for sure, but she viewed it as a wonderful time to reflect on the meaning of family. She even recalled a special time taking her adult daughter back to India to see the home in which Geetha was born. She is now working on a family tree to document her legacy for her own children and grandchildren.

Boomers Leading Change had been on her radar before retiring. Then, during the Pandemic, she was reintroduced to the mission while attending an online AARP program. She is now a volunteer Health Coach for Boomers Leading Change affiliated with UCHealth, lending her expertise to patients as they navigate the world of health insurance.

Lucky for all of us, Geetha remains part of our community after retirement.

“There is so much joy when you give back to someone.”


Are you finding the joy in giving back? Use the link below to signup for more info on how you can volunteer with BLC