In Colorado, the older adult population continues to rise with existing population growth and the number of older adults moving to the state, according to Denver non-profit Together We Count (TWC). In addition, the population of adults in Colorado ages 65-74 grew from 2010 to 2015 by 39.92% .  Boomers Leading Change is supporting the 2020 Census in hopes of reaching the Greatest Generation of Adult Americans Aged 75+ who are sometimes difficult to count and are under

The Greatest Generation, also known as the G.I. Generation and the World War II generation, is the demographic cohort following the Lost Generation and preceding the Silent Generation. The cohort is defined as individuals generally born between 1901 and 1927. They were shaped by the Great Depression and were the primary participants in World War II. 

The term The Greatest Generation was popularized by the title of a 1998 book by American journalist Tom Brokaw. In the book, Brokaw profiled American members of this generation who came of age during the Great Depression and went on to fight in World War II, as well as those who contributed to the war effort on the home front.  
Source: Wikipedia